When a single strand of lights just won't do...
When a single strand of lights just won't do...

When and Where

Outside Clayton, NC

Thanksgiving Friday to

New Years Eve

Sun-Thu 6 PM to 10 PM

Fri-Sat 6 PM to 11 PM


Why would someone want to expend so much time and energy on such an endeavor?




For a behind the scenes look at how the show works and how it all goes together.



 Videos & Photos

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                     Welcome to Lights On Irvan.

Our attention to detail and quality of experiance has created a Christmas light display that warrants going the extra distance to view.  The show will have you and your children beaming with excitement. At Lights On Irvan, the children always comes first, and we constantly strive to capture your attention and exceed your expectations.  This is the stuff you see on television but nobody knows about (the hidden gem).


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