When a single strand of lights just won't do...
When a single strand of lights just won't do...


Why would someone spend so much time and effort doing this?  Well, there really is no good reason but I do have an good excuse.  I love to see and hear the joy of people, especially children, when they see the lights!

I started putting up Christmas lights with my father as a child.  I remember standing with my dad when we finally got everything up and working, just standing and smiling with his hand on my shoulder.  Oh the continual battle to keep all of the bulbs working.  But watching cars stopping out front to take in the lights (at that time, everything was on all the time and nothing changed) display.

I designed my first computerized display back in the early nineties but I could not afford to create the display.  Well, as time went by, the lights and equipment begin to get less expensive and somewhat affordable.  In 2011, my neighbor across the street and I decided to try a joint venture together and "Lights On Irvan" was born.  Unfortunately my neighbor moved after two successful years (he still puts out a nice display at his new home) and I have gone solo ever since.

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